Wal-Mart and Sam's are taking Bessinger's BBQ sauce off their shelves because he is "controversial." They insist this boycott is not because of his specific stands, but because he has made himself the object of controversy, which they avoid.

If Bessinger were a LEFT WING protester, they wouldn't remove his sauce. No matter how extreme left a business goes, its products are never off-limits. This applies only to the right.

Not only that, but everybody KNOWS that this sort of suppression only applies to the right. The reason for this is that the right has no guts, and spends most of its time on its belly, groveling and apologizing.




Morris Dees' heavily financed "anti-hate" group, The Southern Poverty Law Center, has declared the League of the South, the Heritage Preservation Association, and even the Sons of Confederate Veterans, to be "hate" organizations. I understand he has even included the UDC!

First, let's get over the idea that this condemnation could have been avoided by the Southern Crawl. There are those who insist that, if we grovel and declare that the South was always wrong about everything in the past, leftists won't condemn us.

To anyone who has ever had anything to do with real world power politics, there are two obvious fatal defects in the Southern Crawl. First of all, if you were always wrong, why should I believe that you have a point now? You were so wrong you are groveling and sobbing about every position you took until last week. You will be sobbing and groveling next week about whatever you're objecting to now, so it would be absurd to take you seriously.

The second reason the Southern Crawl is fatal can be seen by the simple fact that Dees could now condemn the UDC as a hate group and be taken seriously. First, leftists say that all of the Old South's racial views must be denounced by anybody who wants to be a good Southern Crawler, so Crawlers denounce them. The next hoop a good Crawler has to jump through is to say no one has any right to doubt that integration turned out to be a wonderful thing.

Next, the Crawlers have to denounce all anti-busing movements, then anyone who criticizes homosexuality. And soon Crawlers find that there is no bottom to this slippery slope.

Now it's the League. I would have expected the libs to condemn the League and then wait a while before going after the SCV and the UDC. But the Crawlers have been so vocal lately that they didn't even have to wait this time.

Almost every time I see a so-called "Christian" conservative debating a liberal, he is going for liberal brownie points by praising Saint Martin Luther King, and condemning anyone who ever dared disagree with him.

These self-styled "Christians (and a "Christian" is NOT a Christian) denounce everybody the left wants denounced. Then they go into a state of shock when THEIR organizations are denounced by the left as "hate groups," and their former allies join in the attack on them.

The left doesn't Crawl, only the right does. Liberals defend the legitimacy -- "They have something to say" -- of every single leftist group, no matter how extreme. Meanwhile, respectable conservatives ask their liberal masters for nothing more than the right to lead the lynch mob against critics of Saint King or any group leftists condemn as a "hate group."

To Crawl or not to Crawl? Here is the bottom line: In Boston, the SHAMROCK has been declared a "hate symbol," and the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA are being moved into the "hate group" category.

Meanwhile, nobody, but nobody, calls the Communist Party of America a "hate group."



A medical specialist I go to is of Russian Jewish extraction. He was explaining to me why people like him tended to favor socialism in America. He said that his forefathers had been persecuted by the Cossacks, and I should understand that that would make him radical.

My response was, "Great, bring all your old hates over here with you, why don't you?"

He was stumped, because he had never heard HIS hates called "hate." Where would he have heard it?

But in the real world, if he brings his hatreds over here and joins the radical left, it will cause a right-wing reaction. And that reaction deserves as much attention as his leftist actions which use dead Cossacks as an excuse.

Not only is this kind of imported hatred never criticized, it is allowed to get completely silly. On October 16, 1999, in ALAN DERSHOWITZ, HATEMONGER, I told about an incident of such silliness I saw on a CNN interview with Harvard leftist Alan Dershowitz. Dershowitz was earnestly explaining how his Russo-Jewish family was afraid to speak out. He said he spoke out and his mother was quietly proud of her heroic son.

Now where did this heroic son have the courage to speak out despite the danger of the Evil Gentiles all around him? Were the Cossacks threatening him? Was it Hitler's SS?

None of the above. Deshowitz said he was defying the suppression of all liberal Jewish opinion in --- BROOKLYN!

It is easy to see why this is insane. But what is really essential here is to see why such attitudes are fatal to American freedom.

This sort of paranoid hysterics leads to a good and evil world, and a good and evil world leads straight to tyranny. Tyranny is based on the idea that there are only two groups: the good guys, who must be blindly backed, and the bad guys, who must be blindly destroyed. If you read Communist literature, you will find it justifies everything it does on the basis of "fighting the fascists." Fascist governments routinely say they are just being anti-Communist.

Our Founding Fathers recognized that both sides, no matter how extreme, usually have something to say. Everybody recognizes this when it comes to the left. If people go extreme left, we are told, it is simply because the System has failed them. Liberals say their leftist policies are necessary to keep people from radicalizing to the left.

But if someone goes extreme on the right, we are told he has nothing to say. He must be crushed, because he is nothing but a "Hater." The key term here is "nothing but."

We are in a world in which all types of genocide are denounced, except for one. There is one ongoing genocide which you must accept if you are not to be anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. Every white majority country on earth, and ONLY white countries, are REQUIRED to accept "the melting pot," or "multiculturalism." This means that ALL white majority countries, and ONLY white majority countries, must take in millions of third worlders and, above all, INTEGRATE with them.

This program is specifically aimed at solving the white problem, which is referred to by the code words "the race problem."

But it does not apply to all-black countries in Africa or all-Mongoloid countries in Asia. It is aimed at one race, and one race only, and you have to agree to it to be respectable.

Until those of us who see this reality are allowed to speak out about it, all reaction will remain underground, and only its ugliest manifestations will surface.

This leads to the radicalization of whites who see what is going on. But this is not to be regarded as a legitimate, human reaction, a reaction that deserves some attention the way leftists do.

To be respectable or a good Crawler, you must agree that those who go radical left are entitled to do so, but those who are ignored and go radical right are to be suppressed.

If legitimate complaints are given no airing, you are asking for trouble. The Founding Fathers recognized this. They also recognized that, if one side is legitimate and the other side is just "hate," you are on your way to tyranny.



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